Our services

Our team are fluent in Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi and can support you every step of the way. They are women from the South Asian community with cultural insight, knowledge, and understanding of the barriers you may face. We provide advocacy, emotional support, signposting, and activities that offer new experiences and help you to connect to other mums from the community. Our programme of online and in-person activities supports your mental well-being, helps you to reduce loneliness, and make friends. Activities include arts and crafts, yoga, vocab group, support groups, cooking club and mindfulness. Our advocacy support is ongoing, and we don’t close cases even if things change. We support women who are dealing with the impacts of financial abuse, emotional abuse, coercive control, so called honour-based abuse, forced marriage, physical abuse and more. For every family we work with we recognise that your story is your own and we will work with you to find the support that is right for you and your children.

Referral process

If you are interested in joining our activities or would like support, please complete our referral form providing as much information about your situation as possible. One of our Community Caseworkers will call you back within 2 working days. If you are a professional making a referral, please complete the referral form including any further information you feel is helpful. If you are making a referral for yourself or on behalf of someone else, please let us know when a good time will be to call and if it’s safe.

Initial assessment

Once you have been contacted by a member of our team, she will arrange a time to complete an initial assessment with you. It is helpful if you can make some time when you can talk safely and privately as this appointment can take up to an hour. This is a chance for us to find out more about you and your situation. We will ask you about how you are, what kinds of things you do for enjoyment, the kind of support you are looking for and what you need help with. We will also ask you about your safety, your needs, any other people who are helping you and some information about your children and their needs. We ask these questions so we know as much as we can to help you and your children. Once you have completed an initial assessment, we can help you decide what kind of support you want. This may be advocacy, social events, workshops, support groups or general support and guidance.


We provide advocacy to support you with things like debt, housing, benefits and helping you to stay safe. Many women tell us about money worries, housing problems, confusion about what benefits they can apply for and feeling overwhelmed. We can talk through what your main concerns are and what you want to deal with first. We can help with applying for benefits, completing applications, creating payment plans, working with housing teams, and contacting other agencies. Lots of women feel alone and unsure about how they can manage on their own, but with some guidance, support and encouragement are able to do much more than they ever thought possible. We will work with you at your own pace and discuss what options are available, enabling you to make choices about what is best for you and your family.

Summer timetable

Right now we are running our Summer term timetable which includes:


  • 10am Zoom Yoga
  • 1-2pm Vocab Group


  • 10am-1pm Blended In-Person and WhatsApp Arts & Crafts (Islington)

  • 10-11am Blended in-person and zoom yoga (Islington)


  • Zoom Support Group 1-2p​m

  • In-Person Arts & Crafts 10am -12noon (Tower Hamlets)


  • Mindfulness 11am-12noon
  • Cooking Club 12.30-1.30pm

We also…

Offer WhatsApp groups run between 9am-9pm for general support and further discussion on yoga, arts & crafts, ESOL, cooking ideas and emotional support.

1-1 advocacy support is available over the phone Monday – Friday 10am-3pm. To arrange for an initial assessment to join any of these groups contact: 07340 990 119 or email hafsa.begum@maashanti.org 

Events are usually run during school hours and we run activities with mums and children during half term, the Summer holidays and over Easter.