South Asian Heritage Month: a woman’s story

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Blog

South Asian Heritage means remembering our history generally, personally and being proud of my own heritage. I am proud to be a British Asian and I am grateful to my late grandfather for that. He taught me sacrifice and working harder to achieve better. He came from East Pakistan to England in 1958, as much as he was proud of his own culture, he found a new one too. He worked hard in Britain and supported his family back home. He also faced challenges such as racism, violent attacks and had been stabbed. He did not only sacrifice his comfort but his safety too for a better life. Years later my family suffered through the civil war between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Both my grandmothers hid with my mother, father, uncles and relatives in the forests for safety. My heritage is personal and unique to me as there were so many difficulties that could have ended my lineage but at the end my family succeeded and that is all thanks to my Grandparents.