We will continue to advocate for our clients, especially at a time when domestic abuse cases are on the rise, racist abuse is becoming more prevalent and resources are ever more scarce. We will make sure our community have up to date information on guidance and advice as and when we receive it.

Update on Wednesday 21st July:

The Met Police are recruiting for their new Police Encounter Panels

What are Police Encounter Panels?

Police Encounter Panels are being created to give communities an opportunity to feedback on policing encounters by watching Body Worn Video footage and offering their views on what went well or what the met Police could improve.

You must be over 18 and live work or be in education in Camden or Islington or have strong links to the local area. This is not a paid role. If you are interested in joining this new panel please email and they will send you an application form.

Key points from Greater London Authority Public Briefing 13th July 2021:

What they said:

Rates of infection are increasing across the country as we start mixing together. The delta variant accounts for most of all infections. More people are becoming infected. More younger people are being admitted into hospital. More younger people are unvaccinated and getting the infection. There is a change in symptoms that are showing. All this shows the importance of getting the vaccine. It’s the most effective tool against infection. 

From the Prime Minister’s announcement: most legal restrictions will be lifted on Monday 19th July. Most end social distancing restrictions and allow other businesses to open. Step 4 means being careful. Call for increased carefulness for all of us. Hands, Space, Face, Ventilate, vaccinate as quickly as possible. 

Government provided more information for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable and say they could think carefully about additional precautions. The Government has a strategy with 5 elements.

1) Vaccination programme = wall of defence. All over 18 get first and second dose. Booster jabs over the summer. 

2) Public is able to make informed decisions through guidance rather than law. A lot more advice rather than laws.

3) Testing, tracing and isolation. Work with Local Authorities to manage that.

4) Managing risks at the border. More international travel is going to be more common. Regulations in place.

5) Data watched very carefully by Chief Medial Officer. Looking at hospital admissions and deaths. If there is a spike in either or a new variant, the Government retains the right to put contingency measures in place. 

Being careful and the following rules is very important. 

1) Health care and care settings – We’re seeing more numbers, but nowhere near the numbers we saw in December and January. The current situation is very good. 100 people in ICU today who have covid. Over 400 people in hospital beds. Much fewer than December. We are in a much better place because we know more about how to treat covid, but really it’s because of the effect of the vaccine. Some people in hospital have had 2 doses, but it is still the most effective vaccine I have seen in my career. It protects people from illness and death. 

2) Vaccine Programme – the most successful vaccination programme we have seen in this city. If people you know haven’t had the vaccine, encourage them to have that conversation. Speak to their healthcare professional. We have vaccinated nearly 10 million people in London since December 8th. We need to encourage people to come forward. 3 groups: People in most vulnerable groups – over 50s, people who work in care settings, those who are clinically vulnerable. People who have had the first vaccine must come back after 8-12 weeks. We know that protects you from Delta variant. People between 18-30 – we are seeing less of them getting the vaccine than any other group. It will protect them. We are seeing increases of infection in this age group. We want to see everyone in London protected. The vaccination programme must continue into the summer, and everyone has the option to come forward and have the vaccine to make our city safe again.