Every year International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world on 8th March. It brings women together to celebrate our shared achievements, challenges, history, intersectionality, inspirations, communities and more. We stand in solidarity with all women’s organisations fighting for equality, justice, change and empowerment. Our community of South Asian women share a rich and diverse history, especially in the UK where communities of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi origin have lived for generations. This year we mark International Women’s Day by celebrating the women who make a difference to our lives ever day.

In 2023 when we are surrounded by so much uncertainty, adversity and chaos we can look to the women who inspire us. If we really think about it, they are never far away, but the women who are in our own families, networks and communities. To really bring about meaningful change we remember the women who come together and just keep going. We all know women who can inspire us, support us, bring out the best in us, from women on the world stage to our own mums, aunts, sisters, cousins and friends we grew up with. The ones who are there for us and lift each other up. We can all think of who those amazing women are to each of us, and they aren’t necessarily the trailblazers, but the ones who just keep going, keep showing up for their communities, families and friends.

We know who these women are for us, so let’s hear about them. Share your stories, photos, videos with us of the amazing women in your lives.

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