Our work

Women can be at any stage in their journey, whether they are living with their partner or not. Our work reduces levels of isolation, builds confidence, and increases networks and support. It is so important because the impact of abuse and subsequent trauma on families can be severe and long lasting. We work with women affected by honour-based abuse, forced marriage, modern slavery, human trafficking, stalking, financial abuse, coercive control, and other types of abuse linked to violence against women and girls. We provide information and support on issues including benefits, housing, debt, parenting, education, child maintenance and safety planning.

Our charitable objectives

  • Support single Asian mothers and their dependents through the provision of information, advice and guidance;
  • Provide social, cultural and recreational activities to overcome social isolation and provide informal support;
  • Raise awareness amongst the local community, local Asian groups and organisations and other relevant agencies of the issues affecting single Asian mothers;
  • Provide educational training and employment opportunities to build skills and self confidence to achieve economic and social independence;
  • Provide social and cultural opportunities for both parents and children;
  • Provide support for women’s health issues, counselling and emotional support.

Our vision

Empowering Single Asian Mums

Our mission

To support single Asian mums towards independence through advocacy, building relationships and social activities.

Our outcomes

Increased confidence and knowledge, improved health and wellbeing, reductions in isolation and opportunities in employment, volunteering, and learning.

Our values

Openness, empowerment, respect and equality